jueves, 22 de julio de 2010



Hey I came back!! I've just spent a whole week in Madrid visiting my cousins and the rest of the time I just didn't have time to write...so sorry fellas!

Partying in Madrid is better than in Córdoba, bien sûr! My cousin, her friend and I went to PACHA. I was almost empty cause is summer, but we had a great time there.

Also we saw two films: SHREK & THE BLIND SIDE. They were great buttt the cinema is soo fuckin' expensive!! Like if they're gonna give us golden popcorns or something... What the hell?! Things need to change.


On Saturday we visited Segovia, which is a city next to Madrid. We spent like one hour by car to get there. I highly recommend it to everyone! We visited the cathedral, the alkazar (fortress) and we ate roasted pork, the principal dish of Segovia.

And next week England is waiting for me... =)

Have fun!

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010


I've been off a lot of days ago for a good reason: PARTIES.
I've missed them, specially because this year has been terrible for my mental health. Lol.
Soo I met an Italian on Friday......enough said. You can imagine what happened!!
He was soooooooooooo sweet with me and I was impressed. And now I'm thinking to go to Italy for Erasmus in few years lol. If they're all like that guy...
Yesterday I went to the swimming pool with friends.

viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

Giveaways&First attempt to be a psychologist.

Renay's giveaway @ http://hunnylovins.blogspot.com


Neerja's giveaway @ http://obsessionsofamakeupholic.blogspot.com

Thanh Tao's giveaway @ http://welcometomysekai.blogspot.com


 Hello hello hello hello!! Yesterday I went with my friends only to drink in the street and speak about the careers we're going to do. The great majority of them don't know what they're gonna study but I knew it since I was a child: Psychology.
Also few of my friends had problems and they know I'm keen on giving advices because of my future career. Hahaha. So I think I did a good job with them. 3 of my friends asked me some doubts!! All about love problems. Oh my god. Hahaha.
The solution is always, always tell your loving ones what problem do you have and try to reach an agreement. If you love him/her, he/she MUST know how you feel in every moment!  If you don't tell your problems, you're like a liar. He/she will build an image of the person who you don't really are so, BE SINCERE!
Also if your problems begin to grow, think twice.It is really worthy?Do you really wanna stay together with that person ALL YOUR LIFE?? Humh...maybe not! Follow your heart decisions. C'est la vie!
There are lots, lots lots lots lots of people in this world and all waiting for you. Open as much doors as you can. LIVE IT !
Sorry maybe I'm such a viva-la-vida girl but...I love being like that! Hahaha

jueves, 17 de junio de 2010


I'VE FINISHED MY EXAMS!!!!!!!!  http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hellokitty2/37.gif I'm the happiest girl in the world. My marks will be available in 4 days I think. So I won't study anything till September. http://d54.decoo.jp/data/emoji/1f47909c2f320c99ab3f9077d5806447.gif But that's not important. This posts is about my new stuff!! When I finished my exams I went shopping and that's what I bought.

These new nail polish are from H&M. They're sooo cheap. Aren't they cute? Which one do you want me to wear today? I cannot decide!

 Also, from H&M, Hello Kitty coconut&lime lipbalm and some make-up!

 This little mirror is not new but I wanted to show it to you. I bought it in a small shop in ''El rincón de la Victoria'' which is an small village near the beach where I stay every summer.

This is my body milk colection

And the products I often use to cleanse my skin http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hellokitty2/16.gif

My friend said that tomorrow we will hang out because we all finished our Selectividad exams. Well only the people that didn't fail any subject before. I think only the 20% of people from my high school were able to do those exams. http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hellokitty2/13.gif
I'll do a list with the things I would like to do this summer instead of studying.
About soccer, Spain lost today against Switzerland. http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hellokitty2/41.gif WHAT'S HAPPENING??! Spain will always be the best team in the world, no matter what they to. I wish luck for my country.

Today's song: MIA - XXXO

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

One day to go.

So tomorrow I have 3 Selectividad exams.
+ Spanish (and Spanish literature)
+ History of Phylosophy
+ Italian

And today I have no life. Just studying studying studying. And colouring my books. That's the best way to remember I think. I have nothing to tell you but my study sessions. Grrrr!!
Now I'm with Karl Marx. I really enjoy studying phylosophy so it won't be a problem for me! I'm quite scared of Spanish. Because there are lots of spanish writters I have to remember.

I wish everybody a better day than mine.

(I'm hungry right now. I just forget to eat at 12 pm before lunch. I'LL EAT MY BOOKS THEN.)

domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Grandpa's 87th Bday.

TODAY I'VE EATED (-dinner):

+ 3 diet cookies
+ Coffee
+ Salad
+ Turkey Sandwich
+ Soja-Vanilla Dessert
+ Melon
+ Tea

Yesterday was my Grandpa's 87th Bday and today we went to his house and Grandma's to have rice. Well, I followed my diet programme...hahaha. He received some presents from us: a tracksuit (just the pants), a small lantern and a stripped shirt.
I have now 23 followers and I feel great for that, I just wanna say thank you again!

I love the new beach colection by Oysho. I'm thinking of buying a new dress for the beach, what do you think? I love soft colours.

Today's song: Melissa Horn - Falla fritt (by the way, does anyone know how to insert a youtube video but without the video, I mean, only the audio bar? Please, help me!)

sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

D.I.E.T. (Do I Eat Tomatoes?)

1:34 am now in Spain and still awaken. Today was such a boring day.
I just want to get a life...again. Selectividad is like a pain in the ass. I'll finish my exams this Wednesday though.

Stupid title today. LMAO. I don't have enough imagination for a better name but the answer will be fuck yeah...lots of tomatoes...


For those people who didn't know, I'm on a diet. I'm currently 54kg, so let's see what's my weight in a month. I'm following Magnesium diet. It's important to eat vegetables, fruit and fish, above all. I don't think is hard right now because I always plan what i'm gonna eat and I'm optimistic about my results. I also use Wii fit plus, I usually go for a stroll, and I have an static bike in my house (very olddd) and they help me a lot.

Right now I miss my argentinian friend Javier (from Interpals) He's a great guy.

Today I've just studied History of Art Is interesting but hard to remember every name... My mum is a lawyer so I went with her and while she was working I was studying in a desk she prepared for me. That's because I have so many distractions at home.

I wanna die. LOL.

martes, 8 de junio de 2010

Madrid: Interview+Shopping...

So yesterday I went to Madrid AGAIN. I think it's the 6th time I go this year...or even more! http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/disney-pastel/38.gif
I don't believe in God but I'm willing to enter to a religious hall of residence. At least they're good people.

I had an interview at Padre Poveda (it seems to be like a palace or something like that!!) Plus they said I AM THE PERFECT GIRL TO ENTER which is pretty coolhttp://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/pastel2/8.gif:


Also I went shopping http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hearts/46.gifand I bough 1 lipgloss, 1 book in english (Can you keep a secret? By Sophie Kinsella), Hello Kitty pijama shorts and a Snoopy T-shirt. NEEDA TAKE A PICTURE OF EVERYTHING!http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/pastel2/23.gif
I saw an actress from one of my favourite spanish tv series walking through the street and when I realised she was Carmen Machi she was already gone... I wanted to say hello! and take a picture with her.


I need to lose weight. Also I need to study. I need to go to the UK this summer because being here is KILLING ME (I love travelling). I need music. I need...well pretty much everything!
These days I'm so busy and my posts are all about my boring life. So please forgive me!!
I promise I'll post more interesting things in 2 weeks.
I want to say hello to ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS. http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hearts/8.gif Thank you so much!

Today's song: Hypercaine (By Dj Flesh)

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010


Sooo it's hot today. That's Córdoba. http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hellokitty2/69.gif

A few days ago I went to Madrid because I needed to do some interviews. I'll live in Madrid next year because I want to be psychologist and here in Córdoba we don't have a university of psychology,and I need a hall of residence to live in. They want a good, cooperative girl. That's me? Not sure. But let's try.
Then I went to Starbucks http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hellokitty/7bErl1_220.gif and I had an iced coffee with mum, aunt and my cousin Andrea. http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hellokitty2/50.gif

Btw I bought 2 new pairs of shoes!! http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hellokitty2/44.gif I'm sooo happy.
As you can see I've already used the black ones (for my graduation party)

And that's all. Now I have to study Spanish because I have Selectividad exams http://babydoll.nu/wp-content/uploads/free1/smilies/hellokitty2/13.gif (for entering to the university...). Alea jacta est.
I leave you a song that I surprisingly found in my 160GB Ipod Classic. As mum says ''You have a lot of music for just 2 ears''.
Have a nice day!

lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010



Hola, soy Marta y os escribo desde esta belleza.
Por eso creo que he decidido crear este Blog. No sé quién lo leerá, la verdad. Esto implica tener algo interesante que contar cada día. No estoy segura de poder hacerlo, pero enfín, algo saldrá, ¿O no?.
Si te preguntas el porqué del nombre del blog, viene de una canción de Rage Against The Machine, Bullet in your head. Y si no, pues ya lo sabes.

Para empezar, un poco de información personal.

Nací en Córdoba (España) y sigo viviendo aquí.
Tengo 18 años desde el 30 de Abril de 1992. Fué un Jueves a medianoche.
No tengo hermanos/as.
Quiero ser psicóloga, aunque esté como una chota.
Soy Tauro,El Mono en el zodiaco chino,atea,ex-sonámbula y zurda. La política no me interesa.
Tengo los ojos verdes y el pelo castaño claro/rubio (teñido, sí)
Hablo inglés,francés,italiano y algo de japonés.
Viajar es mi gran pasión. He visitado Francia,Italia, y Norteamérica. Este verano voy a ir a Inglaterra.
AMO LA MÚSICA!!!!!!! Cualquier tipo de música. CUALQUIERA!
En cuanto a favoritos... la verdad, me gustan tantas cosas que no puedo ser selectiva...
Odio los payasos, el queso(menos el mozzarella), el atún, el machismo, la ignorancia, la gente sin conversación, el racismo, la injusticia, las explosiones, la suciedad, los independentistas, hablar de política,el maltrato animal, tener las manos pegajosas y perder el tiempo, entre otras cosas.

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